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Other small animals

We have two rabbits we saved from the local shelter. 

These two brothers are about 1 year old and they sadly don’t get along with one another- but they LOVE dogs, cats, and kids. And they’re potty trained! 

Never had a bunny? We’re happy to tell you everything you need to know. The mantra is “hay all day, and room to play” 😁 that easy!

Rabbits are NOT cage animals, and they thrive in free-roam spaces 🐰 in fact, they zoom! 💨

After being caged with their siblings since birth (and well into sexual maturity) their fighting was so extreme that one lost vision in his eye, and the other lost a chunk of his ear - yikes!! 

Thankfully, animal control was called and confiscated them. Once safely at the shelter, their injuries were treated and they were fixed. 

They’re now happy healthy (FIXED) bunnies and ready for their forever homes. Their fee is $75 and please email us if interested.

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