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Adoptable Dogs

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Adoptable Dogs: About


Stitch was saved from a local shelter after she spent several frightening months in a kennel. 

Despite growing up in such a chaotic environment, she is very friendly and loves to cuddle as much as she loves to zoom! 

Stitch is microchipped, spayed and fully vaccinated. 

She will make an awesome ranch dog and she is insanely smart! She has been around a bunny, cats and dogs and does very well, although she can be a bit forward/excited.

Please note she is half CATTLE DOG - she is high energy and needs a job! Stitch would make an incredible Sheep Dog. We are currently working with a trainer to catch Stitch up to speed since she spent so many months in a kennel, and we would love this to continue once she is adopted (funded by the rescue). 

Adoptable Dogs: About
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